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Each piece is initiated with a simple charcoal value study. The substrate of the painting is hot press watercolor paper mounted on board with ph neutral book binders glue. The basic drawing is put down in charcoal, then sealed with Kamar varnish. A series of watercolor washes are applied and built up gradually adding consecutive layers of Kamar varnish making the underlying layers of watercolor impervious to additional washes. Depending on the development of the painting, a layer of gouache is applied by roller, then wiped back out in varying degrees. An acrylic gel texture is applied with a 2 inch bristle brush roughly approximating the line contour of the painting. After hardening for 48 hours the surface is sanded to a moderate degree then a layer of acrylic varnish is added. After this dries, oil pastel and or gouache is now applied. Kamar varnish is applied between these layers as well. After the final layer of Kamar dries, two final layers of acrylic varnish are applied.